Commerce with Conscience


The fundamental principle behind Hathi is balance: balance of need, balance of giving back, balance of life.

Hathi was inspired by the idea that commerce can set goodwill in motion, that we can focus on caring for ourselves and simultaneously be socially aware and environmentally conscious if we strive to balance business and economics with the guiding force of love, compassion and integrity. This is what we call commerce with conscience.

We designed Hathi pendants as a manifestation of commerce with conscience. Each Hathi is handmade by artisans who help stimulate their local economy. Each Hathi is packed using natural, mostly recycled materials, and all our packaging is 100% recyclable.

At Hathi, we are committed to donating half our profits to support worldwide environmental projects such as reforestation, conservation and sustainability. We also support children’s education to ensure that future generations learn to take responsibility to protect and care for not only themselves, but also our environment.

Thus, when you buy a Hathi locket and make a wish for yourself or for a loved one, you are in return investing in making other people’s wishes come true, and helping perpetuate the motion of goodwill.

Charities we contribute to:

  • Asha for Education
  • Yellow Ad
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Crees Foundation

If you have a charity or event you think we may be interested in, please contact us.